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Filter mesh
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Sintered Filters

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Sintered filters

1: the air filter cartridge adopts imported fiber as filter material ,compounded with advanced folded technology,which makes the air filter with large filter area, small hole diameter, high efficiency,etc.

2: The material for cover and frame is galvanized plate, with perfect anti-corrosion and anti-rusty performance.

High filter efficiency, high working temerature, heat sock resistant,we can produce special consititution,different prop according to the different usage,request different porosity element,cap,piece,pipe,stick, filter cartridge
Bronze sintered filter element, we choose the best bronze powder particle and made by sintering,
Excellent infiltrate and filtrate property and higher filtrate accuracy. Also have the good ability to bear the heat presure and shock. High strength, good plasticity, antioxidant, corrosion resisting,easy installing,strong regeneration capacity,long service life.

Application: air,liquid,oil, petroleum filtration. Widly used to chemical,tractor, airplane, ship industrial,etc.

Filtration Rating

0.2-200  µm

Filtration area


Working Pressure

0.3-1.2  MPa

Oil Flowing

80-200  L/Min


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